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The reasons I attend school;

  • Friends
  • There is some kid that looks like Rivaille/Levi, but his hair is facing to the right
  • Jason Segal doppelganger (practically identical) 
  • If you dyed this kid’s hair black in my french 2 class, he would look like Izaya Orihara
  • Two hours of computer in the morning and 30 minutes during lunch
  • Homestuck chatrooms and fanfics





These are samples of oxygenated [right] and deoxygenated [left] blood.

Both of these colours of blood will exist in your body at any point.

It’s often thought, because veins appear blue or green through skin, that deoxygenated blood is blue. It isn’t. Deoxygenated blood appears to be tyrian purple, while oxygenated blood appears bright red.

And I realized today, that if you’ve ever read Homestuck…

This symbolizes that in us exists both royal blood and mutant blood.

This man


Could possibly be acknowledging that while we are rejects, we are noble.

While we are inherently outcasts, we also have the right to be adored. Or feared, depending on your style.

While we are nobodies…

Every single one of us

Is great. 

so homestuck is kind of insanely cool ok

I’m sorry, but this is just brilliant ok.

i have to reblog this every time

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